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Strength of the Body
and Mind for Everyone.

Quality Instruction Ranging from Street Proven
Self Defense, Strength Conditioning,
Physical Fitness & Competition Fighting.


About Muay Thai Academy of Ventura

At Muay Thai Academy of Ventura, we bring our 30+ years of training and 11+ years of coaching to the gym. Our mission is to bring all benefits and a true respect for the martial art of Muay Thai to students of any level and to help people change their minds and bodies through this martial arts training. Our teaching style is personalized to serve each students goals and levels and to bring the most important pillars of Muay Thai such as respect, obedience, discipline, honesty, and courage to their training. We are proud to be associated with the World Muay Thai Boxing Association under our mentor Ajarn Chai Sirisute and treat our instruction and practice of Muay Thai with the most genuine respect for the true art form.

You Don’t Have to Be a
Fighter to Train Like One.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life and learn martial arts at the #1 Muay Thai Academy in Ventura County then stop in today at Muay Thai Academy of Ventura. Whether your goals are to become a champion fighter, lose weight, build muscle, or just get a new way to train then Muay Thai Academy of Ventura can help you get there.

We Have Classes For Everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never thrown a punch or a kick in your entire life. If you have the desire to learn martial arts then we can help you. Our small class sizes mean that you get lots of personal attention so you can learn faster. We offer Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Kettlebell Fitness, Personal Training, and more.

Drastically Change Your Mind & Body Through Martial Arts

Drastically Change Your Mind & Body Through Martial Arts

How It Works

We work in battle-tested and practical techniques within training phases to make sure everyone of every level develops an incredibly strong base of understanding and ability. Our proven system works students through a block training system to ensure individual progression in fundamental concepts of Muay Thai, as well as personal strength and fitness. In addition to the martial arts training, our class schedules also offer functional group strength conditioning classes as well as one-on-one personal training for both martial arts and body conditioning.

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